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Himalayan Cats Know.


Himalayan Cats.
Himalayan Cats are long haired and bushy cat similar to the Persian cat. This cat's resemblance to the Persian cat is not inevitable, ranging from the long fur to pug nose, very similar to the Persian cat.
However, the Himalayan cat has its own characteristics that distinguish it from the Persian cat. These characteristics are darker fur color in certain areas (face and tail) and the typical blue eyes.
His trademark was obtained from Siamese cats because this cat is actually the result of cross breeding between a Siamese cat and a Persian cat. So, while they are very similar to the Persian cat, this cat still has a typical Siamese cat in the eyes, face, and tail.

Body Shape Himalayan Cats. 

Such as Persian cats, these cats tend to have a rounded body fat with short legs. Body shape makes this one tough cat to jump like other types of cats. Although most cats of this type have a Persian cat's body shape, there is also a Himalayan cat who inherits a Siamese cat's body shape is slender, graceful, strong, and can jump to a height of 2 meters.
Based on the shape of the face, there are two types of Himalayan cat, the Himalayan and Himalayan Doll Face Ultra-Face. Himalayan Doll Face has a face that rather snub when viewed from the side, while the Ultra-Face Himalayan have a very pug face when viewed from the side so it looks as flat.

The nature of Himalayan Cats. 

This cat is the type of cat that is smart, sweet, communicative, and happy adjacent to humans. Communicative nature of a legacy of Siamese cats that were active than the Persian cat quiet and aloof.
Purebred cat is a cat who likes to play in the house and does not like adventure on the streets. That's why the cat is suitable for you who give protection to pet cats that are not playing outside.
This clever cat very gentle, calm, and really sweet, but also likes to play. As Siamese cats, these cats love to play chase the object, for example a ball. This cat is really happy to play, even crumpled paper can be a fun toy for them. Purebred cat is also very spoiled cats to humans. They like the company, caressed, and cared for.

Himalayan Cat Health Problems. 

In general, the Himalayan cat is a cat that is not susceptible to the disease. However, this cat inherited degenerative disease of the Persian cat race, the disease PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease).
Cats who suffer from PKD impaired the growth of cysts in the kidneys form. The growth of cysts in the kidneys progresses slowly so that the cat is suffering from PKD since childhood will die when he is an adult. These cysts grow since the cat was a baby then gnaw and damage the kidneys function as filters toxic substances in the body.
To determine whether a cat suffering from PKD, DNA testing should be conducted in-depth. Unfortunately, the current cat DNA testing can only be done at the University of California. Even if it is known that the cat tested positive for PKD, the owner can not do anything because the disease is no cure.
If you can not do a DNA test, at least the cat lovers in Indonesia pet Himalayan cat can predict disease PKD or not by studying their characteristics. Cats with PKD disease seen prolonged depression, always thirsty, no appetite to eat, frequent urination, and drastic weight loss. Ends, each cat with this disease will die.

Himalayan cat fur and Treatment. 

This cat's fur color is usually white or cream, while the rush of color on the face and tail are usually black, gray, brown, red, and beige. This gorgeous feather require extra care and attention from the owner of the cat. Due to thick and long, it cat fur should be combed every day that are not easily tangled. Tangling hair because the discipline is not the owner of the hair combing can lead to cat feel pain when combed. Cats should also be bathed every week. If late bathed, cat fur will look greasy and dirty. In addition, the bath also keep cats from skin disease and parasite infestation. Cats should also be kept clean his face. Wash face with a Himalayan cat washlap cloth every day.
To comb the Himalayan cat fur, can not carelessly. Follow the following trick to results fur neat, soft, and healthy.
Put your cat on a carpet or other soft pads. Do's put your cat in a hard place, such as the floor because if he is struggling, hard floor surfaces and slippery can help him escape and hide.
Use a special comb cat. If not, you can use a wide-toothed comb. Comb your cat slowly. If there is hair falling out and sticking to the comb, remove immediately so as not to get caught on other feathers that are still strong when you are combing. 
If any part of matted fur and form a knot, do not force to be combed. Immediately scissors that section carefully. After that, a new section has been cut comb. Imposing combing tangled hair which will cause the cat was in pain and struggling.
Use toothed comb for combing the next meeting. Meeting toothed comb handy to pick up the remnants of hair loss that are not drawn by meeting toothed comb.
When finished, give praise and bonuses for the cat food. If the food is done consistently bonuses each finished combing, over time the cat will understand and wait times in order to get the bonus combed food.
Perform five steps above every day so that your cat always looks beautiful and healthy. Be careful when using scissors to cut the matted fur because your cat could suddenly move and pose unexpected risks shears impaled.

Choosing a Himalayan cat. 

If you are interested to maintain this type of cat, you can buy it at a pet store or private seller with a price range between 1,000,000 to Rp5,000,000. You can also ask for the baby cat to cat relatives who just gave birth. Whichever you choose, make sure you consider the points below in selecting the Himalayan cat.
If you want to buy, buy at the pet store merchandise legally treat animals well.
Ask the seller or previous owners of the immunization-immunization has been done. Make sure your immunizations are given a certificate as proof that you are not deceived.
Check the condition of the cat's health by looking at and touching. If you do not have an insight about the health of the cat, ask relatives to accompany you understand. Hold your cat is to know the density of muscle and temperament (whether he is a friendly and happy with people or tend to want to be alone).
Know the market price of this type of cat. Do not you be fooled into paying higher prices. Make sure the cat is completely healthy. Do not adopt a cat sneezing or coughing. Check also her anus, make sure no swelling. Ask the previous owner if the cat's normal bowel or diarrhea.
Ask the previous owner about the type of food provided and a history of drug administration periodically (such as flea drops and de-worming).
If possible, make a proof of purchase and a written agreement with the seller to avoid fraud, such as undisclosed illness.
If you have selected the appropriate Himalayan cat, just treat it with to maintain health and happiness. Remember that a happy cat is a healthy cat and a loving owner. Thank you for reading this article. Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno.
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Maine Coon cats.

Maine Coon cats.
Maine Coon cats are also referred to as American Longhair, the type of cat with a distinctive physical appearance and great hunting skills. This cat is one of the oldest breeds in North America, especially the native state of Maine where there are many state officials.
Although the origin - the actual origin of the Maine Coon Cat and date of introduction to the United States is unknown, but many theories have been proposed. This cat became popular among people in the end of the century - 19, but after the introduction of long-haired cats descent from abroad in the early - 20th century threatened the existence of the Maine Coon cat. With intelligence Maine Coon cat has made this cat became one of the most popular race of cats in the world. The origin of the ancestors of the Maine Coon cat is unknown, there are only theories and folklore. One of the stories of the people mentioned named Marie Antoinette Queen of France who was executed in 1793 before his death Antoinette attempted to escape from France with the help of Captain Samuel Clough. He along with six of his favorite Angora cat loaded Clough's ship captain. But in the end Antoinette did not make it to the United States, only pets that can safely get to the beach Wiscasset, Maine. Where to six cats were developed with other short-haired cat breeds that became the modern generation of the Maine Coon. Other folklore says a British sailor named Captain Charles Coon with cat - long haired cat was in his ship. Each time the ship docked at the port of New England, the cats are out of the ship and mate with the local feral cat population, they are the ones who are called to one of Coon Cats.
A nature-based myth and many believe that Maine Coon Cats are from Racoon marriage with half cat Wild. Although the biological point of view it is not likely to happen. The myth arises due to the color and shape of the Maine Coon cat tail much resembling the raccoon tail. In addition to the similarity of the tail Racoon with Maine Coon Cat, Racoon name is also used to form the name of this cat race, the "Miane" is derived from the name of the state of the United States (Maine), and "Coon" is derived from the acronym for the name of Racoon.
The theory that is generally accepted by the Maine Coon cat breeder is produced from cross-breeding between a domestic cat with a long-haired cat who comes from another country. There are two races that allegedly cats are the ancestors of the Maine Coon cat, that is, among others, the Norwegian Forest Cat (predicted this cat was brought to the Americas by the Vikings) and Angora Cats (predicted that these cats brought by traders from the UK). Regardless whether or not the truth of the matter is, the Norwegian Forest Cat does look similar to the Maine Coon cat when viewed from its physical form.

Characteristics of Maine Coon Cats: 

Physical characteristics Maine Coon Cats.
The main physical characteristics that stand out from the head of the Maine Coon Cat, contained fur around the neck resembles a lion's mane, body shape and hair texture.
Great body shape, long and almost square shaped, have strong bones and muscles. With the size and width of the head is, the forehead slightly curved, with prominent cheek bones to muscles clearly visible. The shape of the nose wide and slightly curved at the end, with a chin that looks sharp.
In his ears, large and wide at the bottom, with little tapering at the edges. In the inner ear there is also a Maine Coon cat fur with a long enough size. The size of the eyes too wide and slightly oval-shaped, when Maine Coon Cats eyes wide open then it will be rounded.
The length of the neck is yet strong, slightly curved shape. Maine Coon Cats foot sized bones - bones and bibs - strong muscles. The tail is long and too wide at the base thinning at the ends of the bristles are quite dense. Maine Coon cat fur is smooth and thick. However short in the shoulder, head and legs, slightly longer on the thighs and back, with a longer abdomen and neck.

Maine Coon Cats body. 

In all the members of the body of the Maine Coon cat is the result of a function of their adaptation to climate and extreme weather. To protect against Maine Coon Cats of snow and cold temperatures, they are equipped with fur - fur is thick and water repellent, especially in the neck, abdomen and legs. The tail is long and thick with fur was also joined to protect Maine Coon Cats body from cold temperatures. By the way would be looped into his tail. Usually it happens when Maine Coon Cats are sleeping. 

Maine Coon cats have large eyes and ears. This indicates the Maine Coon cat has a vision and hearing abilities more.Maine Coon Cats body height, with large bones and muscles. Usually male Maine Coon cat has a mature weight of about 6 kg to 9 kg, with a body length of 1 meter. While females are usually smaller than the males, which is about 4 kg to 6 kg. When coupled with a winter coat with a length of about 7 cm, the Maine Coon cat will look very large. Maine Coon cats with the largest size was noted to have a body length of 121 cm, ranging from the head to the tail.

Not much different from the Norwegian Forest cat and also cat - other cats, Maine Coon Cats growth belonging to the type of slow development. The shape and size of an adult's body can only be achieved at the age of about 3-5 years.

Maine Coon Cats attitude.

Maine Coon Cats, including close to human life, but not completely independent, but also not always want to seek attention from its owner. When compared with the Persian cat prefers to sleep in the lap of its owner, Maine Coon Cats prefer to be in close and active around its owner.

Color Maine Coon Cats.

Maine Coon cats almost look at all the pattern - the traditional color pattern. The most common colors and patterns are classic or mackerel but Maine Coons are also visible in the form of solid pattern (white, black, blue and red), tortoiseshell pattern (black, blue), a tabby pattern (classic or mackerel - brown, blue, red, cream), silver pattern (black-silver, blue-silver, red-silver, cream-silver). All colors and all the patterns may have white markings known as particolor. Thank you for reading this article. Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno.
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Angora cat.


Angora female cats.
Angora cat (Angora / Angola) is one of the oldest cat who comes from the town of Angora (since 1930 called Ankara) in Turkey. Angora cat tends to resemble Persian cats, when considered in the nose will look different. If nosed persian cat "snub" (petite) so it looks funny, while Angora cats have long noses and look nice. Angora cats are also known now called Turkish Angora (Turkish Angora) or also called cat Kedisi Ankara. Turkish Angora cats are actually just the original white with blue or yellow eyes.
As well as Persian cats, in addition to being one of the oldest is also one of the most famous in Indonesia, also in the world. When asked to name the type of cat, most people will almost always mention Angora (Angora). Inherent beauty and appeal plus a gentle affectionate nature and contributed much to its popularity.
Angora cat (Turkish Angora) is known as a very intelligent cat, curiosity about something pretty big. Angora cat is too funny, very adaptable and easy to get along with the residents of the house. Having a friendly and warm personality, they do well to children, very enjoyable. Their desire idleness and play, they love in the room (in the house).
Angora cat gets along with other cats, other animals and children. Persian cat is very responsive and a source of happiness for the owner.
Angora cat race look elegant and graceful, has a body size of medium, with a relatively large body, long, slender, with long legs and a tail. The tail is thick and fluffy furry tail like a weasel. Sharp nose, the whole head is shaped like a triangle, with large ears and pointed, almond shaped eyes. This cat colors vary, there are white, black, brown, Tricolour / blangtelon (white, black, brownish yellow), yellow, red, etc..
Turkish Angora cat 1954 was first officially imported into the United States. In 1968 the first registered in CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) time it is a white Angora cat. Competition began in 1970 held the cat, also in 1972 and 1976 first obtained the CFA grand champion. Thank you for reading this article. Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno.
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Exotic Cats Know.

Exotic Shorthair

Exotic or Exotic Shorthair cat is a shorter version of the Persian cat fur. Therefore, almost all the characters in the Persian cat was found also in the Exotic cat like temperament, even including several types of health problems. Cats are the most popular in Indonesia's number two is the result of interbreeding between a Persian cat with American Shorthair cats that were initiated in the 1950s. But this new cat registered in CFA in 1966 with the name "Exotic Shorthair". While the new Fife admitted in 1986. During the process of breeding, Exotic cats had also crossed with some other cats like cats Burmese and Russian Blue cat. But since 1987, this cat should only be crossed again with a Persian cat.  Because the frequency is crossed with a Persian cat, then 1 of 4 puppies Exotic cats are born will likely be long-haired. But ironically, Exotic long haired cat is not recognized as a Persian cat by the CFA. Other organizations even recognize it as a separate race that is "Exotic Longhaird". Only TICA Exotic cats are acknowledged as a long-haired Persian race. Exotic cat temperament, among others, the quiet and calm. These cats can be friendly with other cats and also dogs that one home. This cat is also known as the most loyal in comparison with other types of cat race. Exotic Cats also inherited the blood of the American Shorthair as a rat hunter is quite reliable. And even though this cat down a lot of the characteristics of the Persian cat, but in reality is more agile than cats Exotic Persian cat. Exotic cat care tends to be much easier than the Persian cat. Exotic cat fur is quite astute at cleaning itself. Even so, you still need to comb it every week to help release the hairs that fall out. Exotic Cats also suffer from problems such as Persian cats tear. So, you need to be frequently wiped his face wet with water so that the dirt from the eye does not harden and cover the nostrils. In addition to still look beautiful of course. Exotic Cats are also susceptible to kidney problems. The end of the 1950s the American Shorthair cat breeders (ASH) began secretly wed silver Persian cat race with ASH, with the aim of enriching the genetic, improve body shape and type as well as produce a silver color. The result of the marriage in the form of American Shorthair cats with Persian characteristics. More rounded head and wide, snub nose, ears smaller, denser bodies and wide, fur softer, thicker and longer than ASH. The hybrid race look very beautiful, but does not show the actual characteristics of ASH. In 1966, Jane Martinke, a jury CFA (Cat Fanciers' Association) and also a breeder ASH, filed a Persian-ASH mixed race as a new race. At the beginning of the race invited much debate and rejection. The breeder Persian Persian cat refused to sell them at exotic fans.Fans of exotic survive and begin to strengthen short fur gene by mating them with race cats Burmese, Russian Blue and British Shorthair. After a short fur gene dominant strong and stable, the breeders mated back to Persia to get the shape of the body and the head of the Persian. 1987 CFA Exotic Shorthair allow only mated with the Persian race. Exotic Shorthair slowly started to become popular. The body is medium-sized cat weighing about 3.5 to 6 pounds. Exotic Shorthair cat has a calm nature and graceful Persian, but more agile and active when compared with the usual Persian. Always wanted to know and play and rarely meow.This race includes an independent cat, but would rather be around its owner. This cat care easier when compared to long-haired Persian should be combed every day. Thank you for reading this article. Written and posted by Bambang 
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Persian Cats (Persian Longhair).

Persian Cats.

Persian Cats (Persian Longhair) is one of the oldest races cat who came from Persia (now Iran), from the written historical record of this cat was found around 1600 BC. In addition to being one of the oldest, Persian cat is also one of the most famous cat in the world. This is evident from the many people who when asked to name the types of cats, most of them will almost always mention the Persian cat.
Persian cats are known to be easy to adapt to a new environment and very friendly with humans. This cat is known to be close to the children and are very spoiled. Persian cats are also known to calm, not noisy, and would rather be in the house. Moreover, Persian Cats also include animals that can easily get along with cats and other animals in the house. Most of the Persian cat owners feel very happy and lucky to have maintain it. But you need to remember, however, how you keep your Persian cat not to eat cockroaches.
In Australia there are some breeders who give a specific name for the Persian cat has a mink colored fur-pointed, they called Iranese cat, but not the name of this race and the official name has not been registered. Persian cat also had a cat crossed with some other race. As a result, you can read it in the list of Persian cat race from crosses with other breeds cats.
Persian cat is a cat who is very pretty and cute. This cat has a fairly large body size and a head that looks round, as well as the snub nose and wide. His jaw was strong and large that it makes it look chubby and adorable. Persian cats have ears rounded shape with a width of the base, its position is not too high and leaning forward. Round and wide open eyes and looks very harmonious with the color of their feathers. Persian cat is a cat who is very pretty and beautiful with a great body shape, solid, large and round head, covered with a thick layer of fur. Even a layman would immediately recognize Persian cat.
In Indonesia, Persian cat pretty much bred race compared to other races. May be due to long and thick hair and calm nature, graceful and spoiled, which is one hallmark of Persian cat race. Persian grounded easier, relatively quiet and more suited to live in the house. Based on the long fur, consisting emergency Persian two types: long-haired (long haired Persian) and short haired (exotic short hair). By variations in color, Persian divided into seven groups, namely:

Solid color.
Silver and Golden Division.
Shaded and Smoke Division.
Tabby Division.
Particolor Division.
Bicolor Division.
Himalayan Division. 


Head large and round Persian, snub nose and wide with a clear gap to the eye barrier. Strong jaw and wide, full cheeks supported prominent cheekbones. When viewed from the side, the forehead nose and chin form a perpendicular line.


Round ends, the base widens, not too high and tilted forward.


The eyes are round and wide open, eye color associated with coat color.


Chest wide and rounded with the back slightly rounded, the size and position of the rounded back of the abdomen and lower (cobby).


Short, thick, strongly supported a large bone. Straight front legs and hind legs too straight when viewed from behind.


Large, round and solid, five fingers on the front foot and four toes on the hind legs


Long and shiny thick, covering the entire body


Hairy thick, straight, long in proportion to body


Adaptable to a variety of places, like to play and easy to love. Sweet facial expression with the quiet nature could sit and sleep in one place for hours, not noisy and soft-spoken. This cat is a long haired cat race. His fur grew thick all over his body, from the head, body, legs to tail. Thick Persian fur seems to me to be the most interesting of these cats. Thank you for reading this article.
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Types Most Popular Cats in Indonesia.

Types Most Popular Cats in Indonesia did not exist who wrote the charts officially. However, based on knowledge of the layman, the number of cats that was sold, and its presence in Indonesia Cattery can be concluded no more than 7 types of cats are quite popular in Indonesia. The types of the most popular cat in Indonesia are:

Persian cats. 

Purebred cat is best known by Indonesian people, including those new to the race cat will able to name "Persian" as one type of long-haired cats. Other evidence is the number of purebred cat is traded, whether it's at the pet store or online shop. And the most obvious as the evidence is, some Persian cat breeders refer to as the number one popular cat in Indonesia followed Exotic cats. Cats Peaknose can say that Persian cats also. To know more about this cat, you can read it in Persian Cats Know >>

Exotic Cats. 

Perhaps for the layman, Exotic cats name is not so familiar. Even more familiar from the Angora cat on this cat type. But in fact, most precisely Cattery Exotic cat breed Persian cat along with. Because the Exotic cat is a short version of the Persian cat fur. To know more about this cat, you can read it on Know Your Exotic Cats >>

Angora cat. 

Many people mistakenly refer to as the Persian cat Angora cat, Angora calls and vice versa as Persian. This clearly proves that the name "Angora" is embedded in the hearts and minds of people in this country, including the laity. Angora cat became one of the most recognizable cat 3 race in Indonesia. To know more about this cat, you can read it in Angora Cats Know >>
Indeed, the fourth position to the next is not really correct order. The following race is popular in Indonesia, but its rank is not known for certain. Thus, this sequence is not an absolute chart.

Maine Coon cats. 

Cattery Cattery-cats that develop this type began to appear in Indonesia. Lucky Judge example. He developed a Maine Coon cat as one of its business. I think this is proof enough that the Maine Coon cat started to get a place in the hearts of cat lovers Indonesia race.
To know more about this cat, you can read it in Maine Coon Cats Know >>

Himalayan cat. 

This race cat looks very similar to the Persian cat, because the cat is a hybrid of Persian cats. Some time ago at an animal market in Yogyakarta, there are the pet-pet store there selling this Himalayan cat. So it can be made ​​in reference if the cat is among the popular race in Indonesia. To know more about this cat you can read in the Himalayan Cats Know >>

Bengal cat. 

This includes the type of cat Cats are expensive. The price could reach tens of millions of dollars, but in fact there are quite a lot of these races are selling cats. When in browse existing apparently in Surabaya Cattery is a specialist this expensive cat breed. It can be made if a cat races benchmarks is already quite popular in Indonesia. To know more about this cat, you can read it in Bengal Cats Know >>

Domestic cats. 

This is the type of cat, has been undisputed. This type of cat is not even that much just maintained, but also many are abandoned.
Actually some types of cats like the Sphynx cat and a Siamese cat also maintains existing in this country. However, because there were only a few, so I thought, kind of cat is the most popular in the category yet.
Thank you for reading this article. Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno.
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Why The letter "E" Top of the Table Test Eye.

Table Snellen Acuity Eye Test
Table Snellen Acuity Eye Test
Excuse letter "E" Being in Table Top Eye Test
The letter "E" is always at the top position on the eye test table, then followed by other letters. Almost all over the world use these tables as a standard eye test. Why is that ...?
Professor Hermann Snellen a professor in the field of eye health this is the Dutch creator of the eye test table, so the table is known as the Snellen chart. Prof. Snellen then replace Dr. Frans Cornelis Donders, as the director of the Netherlands Hospital for Eye Patients. He was trying to make a standard test for the detection of visual acuity, as well as to measure how small images which can be captured by the eye.
At the beginning of 1862 a year of making this table the letter "A" in the top position, followed by other letters, but was later replaced with the letter "E". Because the patient is currently undergoing tests using memorizing the position of the eye over the letter, not sight. Dr. Donders first examine how eye catching letter E, then Prof. Snellen continue what his predecessor which has been investigated by it, and creates a complicated formula based on three parallel lines of all the letters of the alphabet. Uppercase letter E in the table have white space and black space with the same height and width, so the key for visual acuity. If the patient has a vision less sharp then the letter E will look like the letter B, F, P, and L (having a line parallel with the letter E). Because of the importance of the letter E is, Prof. Snellen letter E slipped among many other letters.
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