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Welcome to the town of Kediri.

With a name Bambang Sunarno author of this blog set up with the aim to introduce yourself to the readers of Kediri, East Java, Indonesia.
Kediri has been known to the world of nature tourism and culinary tourism exist until now.
Nature tourism is composed of Maria Lourdes cave with statues relating to the crucifixion of Jesus.
Kelud also become a destination for tourists to see the children who appeared in the lake Kelud Kelud.
Dolo Waterfall is located in the district of Besuki very attractive for tourists.
About culinary, you do not need to worry at night lined culinary seller of the food overlap along Jalan Doho with a menu that suits your tastes. If you happen to be relaxed please visit the town of Kediri.
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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Unexpected things that are In Ice Cube.

Ice cubes become friends "mandatory" when the weather is hot. Is perfect paired with coconut water, lemon juice, syrup and even water.
Cold sensation given by the ice that makes throat feels fresh, especially coinciding with thirst are also attacked. However, do you know if the ice cubes that are things that are unpredictable?
According Dr.Pritish Tosh, infectious disease specialists and Martin Bucknavage, food safety experts from the Department of Food Science at Pennsylvania State University, there are three things that are often found in ice cubes.

1. Bacteria.

United States have legislation called the Safe Drinking Water Act since 1974 that guarantees the level of pathogens in drinking water under control. Although actually resident in the country are not overly concerned with drinking water standards, but still, the bacteria can be found in ice cubes.
One source of the bacteria that is known is freezing ice machine not clean. Ice cubes that were in the restaurant is also more easily contaminated by bacteria, such as the touch of a hand that is not clean after processing the meat.

2. Fungus.

Fungus can be found everywhere, from the ice machine to the home refrigerator. The cold air from the freezer can make mold to grow, but if the ice machine is often turned off in a certain period of time, mold can grow.
"If the freezer or ice machine turned off for some time, then prior to use should be cleaned first," Bucknavage advice.

3. What's in the hands of.

If you touch the ice without washing hands before, then what is in your hands could move into ice cubes. Not only the time will prepare drinks, while taking the ice cubes from the refrigerator was your responsibility to ensure hand washed.
In 2007, the Chicago Sun Times found 20 percent of the 49 restaurants and bars in Chicago have contaminated ice types of bacteria in the feces.
The type of bacteria that can be found in most of the ice cubes are harmless and can be combated by the body's immune system. But not a few people, especially children, who suffer from diarrhea as a result of contracting the disease from the bacteria in ice cubes.
Therefore, make sure the ice is consumed safely. If unsure, choose a cool drink taken from the refrigerator so you can get a fresh drink while not using ice cubes.
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Who is the Creator of Bitcoin The Mysterious figure it.

Inventors bitcoin.

Until now, the digital currency Bitcoin's attention. Presence is phenomenal, full of controversy, and even its creator was still a mystery.
News Week recently claimed to have met and had an exclusive interview with the creator of Bitcoin named Satoshi Nakamoto called. According to the media from the United States, Nakamoto is a Japanese-American men aged 64 years who lived in Southern California, USA.
However, no one knows the background of the work Nakamoto. He is known only ever worked in a large corporation and military institutions in the United States. News Week senior writer, Leah McGrath Goodman trying to extract information about Nakamoto from family and friends.
Unfortunately, the results were less satisfactory. His family only describe that Nakamoto is a smart figure, moody, obsessive, busy lifting a phone call, and check email.
They also say that most of life Nakamoto only covered by two things about Bitcoin is money and confidentiality. Yes, Nakamoto is very closed and did not comment on a lot of things about Bitcoin.
"I am no longer involved with Bitcoin and I can not talk about it," said Nakamoto, while ignoring all further questions, slapping his left hand.
"All has been handed over to someone else. Now they are responsible. I no longer have any relationship, "said Nakamoto.
Nakamoto also refused to be interviewed and did not say anything else. As a result of that conversation came to an end.
Introduced around 2009 and officially launched in February 2014, Bitcoin itself is a payment network peer-to-peer who is open. Bitcoin is not a legal entity known and potential losses are very high.
Another risk associated Bitcoin is a value which is very volatile. For example, in early January 2013, Bitcoin was US $ 13 per chip (1 BTC). That figure skyrocketed more than US $ 1,100 per chip in December 2013, and then trimmed to only half in a few hours after the banning Bitcoin transactions in China.
This makes the value of Bitcoin become unstable and become their own problems for businesses that use the virtual currency. The price of goods and the value of money paid can rise or fall sharply within a very short time.
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Did you know some simple President and noble in the world.

Some of the president in the world who live in simplicity for the sake of people's thinking about his life and his definitely have a very noble heart.

Fernando Lugo.

Fernando Lugo.
He earned the nickname "the poor priest". Understandably, before becoming a candidate for President, Fernando Lugo is a priest who is very keen to defend the oppressed. "When there is the thing that hurt me, then it is injustice and particularly social injustice," said Lugo.
Once sworn in as President in 2008, Lugo immediately said he would not receive his salary as President for 4000 USD per month. "I do not need that salary, which is actually the rights of the poor," he said.
During her time as president, Lugo chose to stay at home simple. He was always dressed very simple: long or short-sleeved shirt.
Rikard Bagun in a report headed "Stupefied on Asceticism Lugo" wrote, "Every guest, including three of us from Indonesia (I, Budiman, and Martin), to enjoy daily food Lugo form of boiled cassava, rice, chopped cabbage leaves (salad), and fish. Type of food everyday ordinary people in Paraguay. Nothing special. "
Rikard also see, on the first day in office, Lugo and Hugo Chavez Latin Americans eat foods, such as cassava, corn, and boiled bananas. Unfortunately, June 22, 2012, Fernando Lugo coup by right wing through parliament.

Hugo Chavez.

Hugo Chavez.
Hugo Chavez was born of working class families. He grew up in a very poor life with his grandmother. Once elected as president in 1998, Chavez used his power to empower the poor.
He is also the President of the simple figure. As Fernando Lugo and Jose Mujica, Chavez also donated a portion of his salary to the social budget. Chavez is also known for a very unpopular president. When did the visit, he only uses jeep or truck riding.
When heavy rains Venezuela, which resulted in severe flooding everywhere, Chavez opened the door Presidential palace as a shelter. For him, the Presidential Palace is the home of the people.
Chavez is the liberator of the people of Venezuela. He uses his power to reclaim control of a resource and then use it to eradicate poverty, liberate people from illiteracy, provide free education and health, creating a cheap grocery store across the country, and pensions for the elderly.

Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela.
Who does not know Nelson Mandela? He is a prominent leader of the liberation of South Africa from colonialism and apartheid. His name is so famous throughout Africa and the world.
However, Mandela remains a modest figure. As soon became President in 1994, Mandela was routinely cut his salary to contribute to the social budget. Instead, then, he handed over a third of his salary to help children.
Johannesburg home or in his native village, Qunu, fairly simple and not unlike the general public house.
In 1994, when the country suffered a legacy debt of the old regime, Mandela called for country officials to tighten their belts. However, as a first step, he began by cutting his own salary and the salary of the Vice President.

Jose "Pepe" Mujica.

Jose "Pepe" Mujica.
Jose Mujica was one of the leaders of the National Liberation Movement Tupamaro (MLN-T). He spent 14 years in prison for guerrilla activities against the dictatorship.
He won elections in 2009 and the official position of President in March 2010. Since becoming President of Uruguay, Pepe Mujica chose to stay in his home on the outskirts of Montevideo. At his home was no waiter. Almost all his homework, such as cooking, done alone.
During her time as president, Pepe Mujica donate 90 percent of his salary to increase social spending country. In 2010, his personal wealth is no more than 1800 US dollars, or approximately USD 18 million. It also only uses the output Volkswagen Beetle 1987 as his personal vehicle.
Simple living is a philosophy of life is left politicians. When he became a member of parliament, he was already very simple. To the extent that the parliament building parking attendant was very surprised when he saw Mujica came just driving a vespa motorcycle.

Evo Morales.

Evo Morales.
Evo Morales is the first indigenous president in Bolivia's history. Like most other indigenous Bolivia, Evo small very poor and spent his childhood with sheep grazing. Because of the pressure of poverty, too, Evo could not finish his education.
Evo is a farmer. Suffering experienced by farmers make Evo interested in joining the coca growers union. In 1995, he co-founded the party of social movement called the Movement for Socialism (MAS).
In the 2005 elections, Evo won the presidential election. He officially take office in January 2006. As soon as he take office, Evo announced cuts in half his salary to increase the number of teachers and doctors.
"We need 6,000 new teachers and in need of money $ 2,200," he said. He also called for ministers to follow suit. "Not for the Evo, but for the people," he added.
When Peru was hit by an earthquake, in 2007, Evo also donate half of his salary for the earthquake victims. Similarly, when the earthquake in Haiti and Chile, Evo also cut half of his salary and the salary of the Vice President to be donated to the people of Chile and Haiti.
During her time as president, Evo appearance unchanged. He is more often wear simple clothing, leather jacket or sweater as usual. He also did not leave the habits of the natives chewing coca leaves.

Lula Da Silva.

Lula Da Silva.
Lula Da Silva is a Brazilian President backgrounds labor activists. He was born from a very poor family. Because of that he had to leave the elementary school. Since the age of 12 years, Lula small living on the streets, so shoeshine and sell peanuts.
At the age of 14 years, he worked in the copper processing plant and lathe operator position. Five years later, when he worked in the automotive company, he lost his job because of an accident. However, the incidence of which prompted Lula organize his fellow workers to build unions and fight for their rights.
Under the dictatorship, Lula appeared as left activists opposing the dictatorship. In 1971, Lula was forced to watch his wife, Maria de Lourde, who suffered from hepatitis, died due to lack of money to buy drugs. In 1978, he became President of the Trade Union Steel Plant. He was also involved in the establishment of the Labour Party (PT).
Three times forward as a candidate for president, Lula was elected in 2002. The first time in the history of Brazil, led by the President of the leftist and from working class backgrounds.
As soon as President, Lula did not change his life. He still look modest. William Gonçalves, a professor at the State University of Rio de Janeiro, said, "Lula is the people. He understood their feelings and speak their language. "
Lula was elected twice as President of Brazil. His reign was considered very successful. Not surprisingly, the level of people's acceptance of the Lula government reaches 80%.

Rafael Correa.

Rafael Correa.
Rafael Correa is an economist with a PhD graduated from the University of Illinois, USA. However, even gain a science in the US, Correa actually very anti-neoliberal.
At the time of Luis Alfredo Palacio, Correa became one of his ministers. When it Correa dare oppose the proposal of the IMF and the World Bank. Unfortunately, his actions are not sanctioned when the President of Ecuador. Correa also resign. However, since then, the name Correa increasingly popular and admired people.
Correa itself fairly simple leaders. On 6 April, when the state budget deficit threatened Ecuador, Correa issued a decree to freeze the payment of salaries of high officials for two years. It includes salaries of President, Vice President, Ministers, and other high officials.
Not only that, he also cut his salary of about 8000 USD to 4000 USD. Indeed, Ecuadorian officials, including the highest salary in the Andean region. With the salary cuts, Correa save the state budget without cutting subsidies social people.


Ahmadinejad, who had been mayor of Tehran, the capital of Iran, officially became president in 2005. At that time, he was asked to declare his wealth. Apparently, his wealth is only one simple house measuring 175 square meters and a white Peugeot car output in 1977.
In addition, when a new take office, he asked his assistant heritage antique Persian carpets rolled in state court and replace it with regular carpet. He refused V.I.P seat on the Presidential plane.
Ahmadinejad has always tried to portray himself not within the common people. Some of the photos circulating in cyberspace showed he had fallen asleep on the carpet regular. Thank you for reading this article.
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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Removable Display Module Version Sony Compete with Google Glass.

Sony announced the development of a removable screen module is touted will compete with Google Glass. Japanese company reportedly will reveal more details about the removable display module at the CES 2015 event.
Reported Pcpro, Thursday (12/18/2014), Sony this week announced the development of the display module detachable or removable screen, which aims to change any part of the glasses into a stylish wearable devices such as Google Glass.
This module weighs 40 grams, consisting of a 0.23-inch OLED microdisplay with a resolution of 640 x 400 pixels. This module is designed to be connected to the existing glasses and can be removed when not needed. Sony claims that the device can be used in all lighting conditions, both indoors when it's dark or bright when outdoors. Microdisplay part of the module reportedly can display information such as maps or weather updates.
In addition, the modules made by Sony is powered with connectivity such as Bluetooth 3.0 and WiFi. Although not equipped with camera features, Sony plans to release a software development kit (SDK) that allows developers to create applications to support the control board modules or features that can be integrated with a smartphone. The device is equipped with features electronic compass, accelerometer and touch sensors that will be exhibited in a public booth CES 2015. The annual event is held in January next year in Las Vegas, USA.
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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Underground party in Pakistan Breaking Boundaries.

Pakistan's elite remains revelers quietly amid fears of violence by conservatives and militants.
Party atmosphere in a farmhouse outside the city of Islamabad, Pakistan.
Underground party in Pakistan Breaking Boundaries.
Women with short skirts and men with wet hair because the hair oil with an intimate dance on the dance floor as the beat of the music. Smoke filled the room and glasses of alcohol circulated. Some couples hugging and kissing in a corner of the room.

This is not the view of the Saturday night at a club in New York, London or Paris. It is the secret side of Pakistan, an Islamic state which is often described by the West as a land containing bearded men and veiled women are hard and oppressed.

Pakistan was formed from parts of the Muslim majority in India 65 years ago, and for tens of years describes itself as a progressive Islamic nation. But from the 1980s, the country is more directed at conservative interpretation of Islam that changed the political landscape, triggering militants and silencing parties tolerant.

However, Pakistan remained a residence for the wealthy elite and westernized, with private life and different from the crowd.
Every weekend, fashion designers, photographers, medical students and businessmen gather at dozens of parties in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore, break down social barriers in a confidential environment that can make conservatives shocked and angry.

"It's devastating," said Numair Shahzada, nodding his head to the beat on a farm outside the city of Islamabad guarded by fitness trainers who do a side job as a security guard. "The light show and smoke was so phenomenal."

The young men and women mingled freely, dancing, talking or drinking. Some gathered in a more quiet corner.

Although alcohol is prohibited in the country, many people who bring their own. Whiskey brought in a paper bag and a bottle of vodka is disguised in water and laid out on the dance floor.

Guests of the party is a minority in a country of 180 million, but in general, Pakistan is not a repressive state. Women can drive your own car, lectures and plays an important role in politics. Men and single women can interact without being exposed to anger religious police.

But the conservative Islamic circles reduce the tolerance values.

A few hours drive from Islamabad party circuit, areas more remote has fallen into the hands of Taliban militants, who dream of dropping the US-backed government and creating a society in which people are happy to rah-rah will get lashes or worse.

"Men and women who dance together cursed God. If we see something vulgar like that, we certainly will make them a target, "said a senior Taliban commander.

News reports said that a tribal council in a village near the Afghan border ordered four women killed earlier this year because of clapping and singing while the men dance in a wedding ceremony. The Supreme Court has ordered an investigation, but there is no continuation of the issue.

Although the majority of the Pakistani population hates violence by the Taliban, many of whom believe that Islam should guide the Pakistani state. Islamic parties, with poor achievement in the survey, but triumphed in the public debate, convinced that Islam should be the regulator of all aspects of life.

"The situation is chaotic," said Myra, 23, who dyed her hair with a reddish brown color. "The waiters and driver at parties that see you and makes you think what people like you in their minds."

To avoid unwanted parties, parties with alcoholic beverages held in a farmhouse outside the city of Islamabad and other cities, or in luxury housing behind high walls. The party organizers charge $ 60 for each guest, or equal to the amount of money generated many Pakistanis.

Rafia, petite woman with long black hair and wearing tight jeans and black low-necked blouse, diligent come to such parties.

He frowned see women who carry cell phones are not monitored parents and wearing an open shirt under conservative clothes then uninstalled when they want to dance.

"You can be afraid of God or partying," he said with smoking marijuana. "I do not pray regularly, but usually fast. But I did not say I was religious. "
Not everyone agreed with his opinion.

Bina Sultan, 40, a beautiful fashion designer, featuring paintings nude and nude male models chest in the show. He also wears a silver pendant engraved verses of the Quran.

"People think I am shameless, but actually I am religious," he said in his studio, he slipped the word 'Jaani' or 'dear' greetings Urdu in his words, while smoking cigarettes.

"Faith saa strong. But all I do is between God and me. "

Loneliness liberal.
Conservatism began to descend Pakistan during the rule of military dictator General Mohammad Zia ul-Haq in the 1980s aimed clicking Islamize the country.

Many blamed the policies of Zia as the driving culture of intolerance that isolate liberals.

In an event that makes the elite trauma, governor of Punjab province, Salman Taseer, was assassinated by his own security guard last year as opposed to the anti-blasphemy hard.

The resulting reaction is almost as astounding as the murder itself for the liberals. The scholars massive demonstrations to praise the killer. Even lawyers, once the vanguard of the movement guard demonstration Pakistan, sprinkled with rose petals.

In a climate that is kept filled with fear, space for liberal voices continue to shrink.
Pakistani rap singer Adil Omar, who came to the weekend parties, mocks the Taliban and rising conservatism in his songs. But he never exceeded the limit.

"A lot of people who seem to split and have an identity crisis," said Omar, who wore traditional loose shirt and baggy pants. He has a tattoo on his arm bearing the image of a half-naked woman and a unicorn, something that enrages some fans who call it an insult to Islam.

"I was careful not to express opinion about religion," he said. "I do not want some lunatic who chop off my head."
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The term of the perfume is important to know before buying.

Favored perfume.
This recommendation can be your guide before buying or specify what kind of perfume you want according to your taste resilience respectively, and can be useful.

EDC - Eau de Cologne.

This type of fragrance lightest. Its alcohol content is highest and there are only about 5 percent blend of essence, so that the fragrance quickly evaporates. Although relatively mild, cologne still be an option because it has a refreshing scent of the body and hold it up to 2-3 hours. Suitable for use after a bath as body spray and body splash.

EDP - Eau de Perfume.

Fragrance lasting up to 24 hours. This type of fragrance has less alcohol content, while its essence levels ranged 15-22 percent, so the fragrance is strong and durable fit when used at night as when it comes to formal occasions like party.

EDT - Eau de Toilette.

This fragrance type a higher level above the cologne. Its alcohol content is not as high as cologne, with its essence levels of around 12 percent, so that the fragrance is quite durable. This species most sought-after because of a mild aroma, not too sharp, and lasting up to 6-12 hours.

Knowledge About Perfume / Fragrance.

In interacting with others is important for us to ensure that the body does not issue a pleasant aroma. Especially with women, they are very sensitive to scents, and women like men who fragrant as this means the respect of the man himself. Some information related to scent / perfume, such as knowledge or to refresh back to you already know.
Fragrance or perfume is composed of several types based on the amount or concentration of a mixture of oil and water. Mixture or concentration affects the durability perfume. The higher the concentration of a perfume, the scent of the old and the less you need to wear them

Pure Perfume :

Is pure perfume, with the highest concentration in compare others. Usually we call it the seeds of perfume. Pure perfume is rarely found in the free market. The aroma can last more than 6 hours

Eau de Perfume (EDP) :

The second type which have less concentration in pure perfume compare. Perfume EDP type is usually a lot for women, for men rarely. The price is usually expensive because much of the oil concentration (8-15%). EDP has a resistance of about 4-6 hours aroma.

Eau de Toilette (EDT) :

Perfume / fragrance for men usually are of this type. Oil concentration of about 4-10%, less if compared EDP, and the smell can last for 3-4 hours.

Eau de Cologne : 

This last type is a perfume with the lowest concentration of about 2-5%, most often be found in the product-products fragrances for women. The aroma can last up to 3 hours.
Perfume has 3 layers of scents based on evaporation rates, each layer is made very carefully by experts.

Top Notes :

An aroma layer above, namely aroma wafted when perfume spray, consisting of small molecules, which can be volatile light

Middle Notes :

The middle layer of the scent, which comes after the aroma scent top notes evaporate, usually after 15 minutes to 1 hour. This scent will gradually merge with the skin and the longer it will be softened.

Base Notes :

Layer basic aroma is rich with the aroma molecules are the largest and longest-evaporation. This scent will be mixed with the scent of middle notes are fused in the skin that forms the main fragrance of a perfume.
The aroma of the top layer and middle layer is influenced by the aroma of the base, and the aroma of the base layer will be influenced by the type of material used in the middle layer.

Important Tips Regarding Perfume.

Tips on choosing and buying, storing and troubleshooting tips wear perfume. Perfume is so important for our appearance, because as we all know, the scent of our bodies is crucial. Sense of smell is much more sensitive compared to the sense of sight. Few your pleasant aroma wafted by her targets, corrupted the impression he was going to look you.

Choosing Perfume.

In choosing and buying a perfume is actually not easy but also not too difficult. For those of you who are beginners in terms of perfume, you can ask and ask for recommendation to others will perfume she likes.
But the problem is, the wear perfume when everyone is not the same, because it is also influenced by the aroma of the base body.

Some things that you can follow in selecting perfumes:

1. Consider the olfactory others.

Choosing the right perfume is not just because you like the smell, but you also have to consider other people smell. For those of you who are beginners, perfume with the scent of Citrus is a safe choice, almost all women love.

2. Sniff test.

In search of the right perfume, you must diligently perform sniff test for various kinds of perfume. However, the maximum daily limit 3 perfume, because if it's more than you already diminished sense of smell and difficult to distinguish the scent before.

3. Spray the perfume during the sniff test.

If you go to the mall or store perfume to sniff test, spray it on your arm instead to the cardboard that is given seller. Wait about 15 minutes for the scent mingled with oil on your arm.
If you like the scent, try to ask the opinion of some female visitors to the mall, you can be jamming all their hits as it teaches Hitman System. If they like the scent of the perfume, buy a vial (small version) of the perfume, do not immediately buy the large size.

4. Using a vial of perfume.

Try using a vial of perfume that you have purchased for a few days and ask the people closest to you, especially women. If most of the love and praise perfume of your choice, then buy the perfume in large size.

Storing Perfume.

After buying a perfume, often we neglect in terms of storage. In fact, the way you can determine the content store perfume perfume and aroma durability.

There are a few things to note in perfume store, as follows:

1. Save the perfume in a cool and dry.

Do not put perfume in a place exposed to sunlight. Because heat and sunlight can damage the liquid in it.

2. Close the back and insert it into the original box.

Once in use, the cap back on the bottle of perfume, if necessary, put in the original box. This is done to prevent the perfume does not quickly evaporate. You certainly do not want a pet perfume that has been purchased with expensive, but only for some time use only.

3. Save the perfume in a box while traveling.

If you frequently travel out of town to use aircraft, perfume store would you take in a box or a place that is airtight. Because while in the plane, high air pressure and changing the content of perfume can lead quickly evaporated.

The use of perfume.

In not wear any perfume spray to the section you like, let alone to your outfit.

There are a few things you need to know:

1. Wear perfume according to the event which will be attended.

There are differences fragrances for different occasions. It is important for you to have some kind of perfume with different scents. Perfume with a light and fresh scent fit in wear during the day, while the scent of perfume with a hard or a little sting can wear at night.

2. Spray the perfume on the body, not the clothes.

Spray perfume on pulse points of your body parts such as the inner wrists, behind the ears, neck or arm elbow. The body part is a part of the body that contain heat. Liquid perfume mixed with oil and heat the body will produce optimal aroma and lasting.

3. Wear perfume taste.

In using perfume, you should just 2-3 times spray. If someone else who is more than 2 meters can smell the scent of your perfume, you use it too much.
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